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Market America Realty & Investment Group Asset Management & REO

      The Market America Realty & Investment Group offers full service REO services, representation and sales. We analyze and appraise the notes or assets being acquired, manage the asset and successfully close sales.

       •  We handle every aspect of the project from portfolio valuation to asset sale.
       •  We have all of the support in place to get the job done efficiently within a time limit and to do it with a detailed tracking system that maximizes our capabilities and provides total accountability. 

       •  We can perform:
           -  Note Portfolio Valuations
           -  Timely Monthly Market Updates
           -  REO Property Inspections
           -  Trash-outs, Cash for Keys
           -  Property Enhancement
           -  Property Management
           -  Bid Estimates
           -  Auctions
           -  Securing Property, Re-Keying
           -  Exterior and Interior Construction Rehabilitations
           -  Valuation Expertise Above & Beyond CMA Evaluations
           -  Site Assessment, Vacancy Status & Eviction Coordination
           -  Multi-Level Public & Broker Marketing Program
           -  Escrow Mgmt, Transaction Coordination, Bookkeeper, Notary
           -  Computerized Documentation & Communication System
           -  Broker Price Opinions (BPO’s) – 48 Hour Turnaround
           -  Graphic Design Services


Today, the Market America Realty Asset Management Division has over 180 residential properties listed and over 300 under management. This does not include our Sarasota location. The company performs over 200 BPO’s a week in Sarasota and Fort Myers alone. We have staff members supporting listing agents, and our systems have attracted other REO agents in our markets. We expect to continue growing our REO inventory by a notable amount each quarter.

During 2010, Market America Realty & Investments Group handled assets for the following:
•  24 Asset Management       
•  American Home Mortgage   
•  Atlas REO           
•  Bank of America       
•  Citi Bank           
•  Encore Bank           
•  Executive Asset Management   
•  Fannie Mae           
•  Fifth Third

•  GE Capital Funding       
•  GMAC               
•  Gulf Coast Bank and Trust
•  IAS REO   
•  J P Morgan Chase
•  Litton Loan Servicing        
•  M and I Bank            
•  National REO Brokers        
•  Old Republic Default Management

•  Owen Asset Management    
•  Prime Asset Management    
•  REO World            
•  Treo Servicing Network        
•  Vericrest Financial        
•  Virtual Bank
•  Wells Fargo            
•  Wachovia            
•  Washington Mutual