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About Market America Realty & Investments

The Concept

Gregg Fous has been in real estate for over thirty years and in development for over past ten. His business has evolved as fast as the technology supporting it. He and his team have built the company on the simple premise that the they utilize the best and most up to date tools and knowledge-base to serve customers. We are a relationship based company with technology at its base.

The Facts
There are Realtors and then there’s us. It’s easy to say, “We’re different.”  Proving it is another matter.   Market <st1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:PLACE w:st="on"><st1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:COUNTRY-REGION w:st="on">America</st1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:ST1:COUNTRY-REGION> is not just in the real estate business, we are in the CUSTOMER business. We are here to guide you and serve you in an advisory capacity.   We are your personal real estate consultant.  We operate with a central paperless technology system, a virtual networking platform and a decentralized neighborhood expert system.  We are expanding thoughout Florida with multiple locations and divisions. Here are a few things you need to know about Market America Realty & Investments and our brand:



Local expertise, global exposure and technology are the tools we've used to grow our retail residential sales division into the pride of the company.  Each of our agents is professionally trained and equipped with all of the tools needed to efficiently serve our clients in both buying and selling.

Short Sales

· Selling a home for less than the mortgage amount can be a painful and mind numbing process.   It requires trained professionals with experience, persistence, and market knowledge.

· We developed what we call a “tight package.”  We combine this approach with skillful presentation and expert negotating to consistently achieve a successful SALE.


REO/Foreclosed Homes

· The Company's REO division efficiently handles residential and commercial REO sales  for asset management companies, banks and Fannie Mae directly. Out team has a CCIM, a contractor and a an REO team dedicated to asset preservation, sales and management. We are REO Trans certified.

· WE NEVER forget who we work for. We got into this business after seeing and being appalled by all the self-dealing that other professionals were practicing. We tried to buy REO’s from other brokers who would not answer phone calls, had wrong fax numbers on their listings and, in general, did everything possible to discourage participating brokers from selling their listings. We follow these mandates for all of our REO properties:

1. Once we reach a pre-defined goal in offering prices on a property, we will disclose to offering brokers the prices in such a way as to encourage higher bidding rather than discourage it to protect internal deals.

2. All properties get entered into the MLS within a few hours of receipt and they must be on the MLS for three days prior to going pending. We also market on over 48 websites as well as a weekly direct email campaign. We also PRE-market prior to the listing when possible.

3. Brokered and CO-brokered offers are treated equally. Whenever there is a question on how to behave, it is always answered by this: “What is in the best interest of the seller?"

· We value the time of the asset manager. This means  we deliver concise reports, errorless BPOS and weekly updates. All correspondence is timely and complete. Our email “subjects” are consistent for each property, and we are paperless in our office. We also use REO trans for some of our clients. We under-promise and over deliver. If you give us 48 hours to turn around, we shoot for 24.


Our Commercial Division is where we started. Developing, entitling, building, brokering, retrofitting…. Whether it's industrial buildings, retail, medical or multifamily, we have the experience, the know-how and the negotiating ability.

Consultation/Coordination Services

Liaison – Coordinate meetings and services from the necessary businesses. i.e.

               Attorney, Engineer, Architect, Contractor, Environmental Services,

               Governmental Services, Financial Services, Title Services, Appraiser
               Insurance, Developer, Accountant, 1031 Exchange Services, etc.
Strategic Planning – From land acquisition to project conception, completion,
               disposition and reinvestment of funds.

Financial Feasibility Study – Analysis of development costs, projected sales/lease

               price, projected return

Investment Analysis – Performed using CCIM approved practices

Capital Market Services

Assist in raising equity contribution for a project

Property Sales

Buyer qualification

Contract negotiation

Sale/Lease back analysis

Facilitate the transaction

Property Leasing

Tenant qualification

Lease negotiation

Facilitate the transaction

Buyer/Tenant Representation

Market Analysis

Contract/Lease negotiation

Lease vs Own analysis


In today’s commercial real estate environment, it is important to be able not just to list property, but to make deals happen. This is where our development experience comes in. We can help you determine what the best course of action is for your property and then put the right team members together to make it happen.