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Market America Realty Un Franchise

Market America Realty and Investments Inc.  The UN Franchise Opportunity


Market America Realty does not offer franchises for our concept. We will, however, joint venture with the right partners to open offices throughout the country where we think we can add value to the venture and we have found partners that understand our concept, can also add value and will grow with us.

We will build Market America Realty locally with our concept, our infrastructure, our lead generation systems, our internet expertise – and your energy, your local expertise, coupled with a joint passion for excellence.

The owners of Market America Realty and seeking experienced real estate entrepreneurs that will partner with us to mutually grow the brand, the concept, and the passion.

Three years ago I was approached by a few friends that were impressed with the systems we built for managing residential and investment real estate sales.  “You should franchise!” I heard.

But I didn’t have that proverbial three ring binder that I could drop on someone’s desk and say, “Here’s how to do it.”

So I set out to create one. In the process I realized I didn’t want to franchise, I wanted to grow with partners. Hence the Market America Realty JV program was born and Lehigh Acres became our first partnership. 

In the Market America JV model, the local owner is a PARTNER that is a critical part of the decision making, the growth, and the passion. The corporate entity owns that local venture WITH the local partner.

In the Market America JV model, there are no franchise fees, but there are costs to both partners to expand the business.  Corporate pays for things like systems, marketing tools, accounting, and software. The local partner contributes office space, staff, and the local expertise as well as working capital.

If you are looking to start a real estate agency and were thinking about a Franchise, you owe it to yourself to explore our Joint Venture model

Contact Gregg Fous, CEO and Founder at or phone at 800-439-1580 x52.     This is not an offer to venture with us, but an invitation to explore the possibilities for growth in this real estate market.


Gregg Fous